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Scheduled Shutdowns: Essential for Storage Tank Repairs

Scheduled Shutdowns: Essential for Storage Tank Repairs | Concord Tank | Storage Tank Maintenance

In the world of storage tank repairs and maintenance, a key service that plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of these structures are scheduled shutdowns.

At Concord Tank Corporation, we understand the importance and urgency of this specialized service. In this blog post, we will explore what storage tank and terminal shutdowns entail, and their significance in storage tank maintenance, and how Concord Tank excels in delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients.

  1. Understanding Storage Tank and Terminal Shutdowns
  2. The Significance of Shutdowns in Storage Tank Maintenance
  3. Concord Tank Corporation's Expertise in  Storage Tank and Terminal Shutdowns


1. Understanding Storage Tank and Terminal Shutdowns

Scheduled shutdowns (see shutdown planning FAQ) are critical amongst the oil and gas industries. These proactive measures are essential for inspecting and repairing tanks, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and prolonging the lifespan of these critical assets.

During a shutdown, contractors plan to have all hands on deck to efficiently and effectively serve the customer, while the customer closes portions, or in some instances the entire terminal, for the duration of the project.

Due to the operational effects of shutdowns on the customer, it is important that they are well planned and executed.

2. The Significance of Shutdowns in Storage Tank Maintenance

Proper tank and terminal maintenance is a key factor in the integrity of the tanks and lines. Scheduled shutdowns are used to address various aspects of the tank farm, including:

a. Product Transfer and Line Swaps

During shutdowns crews often work to remove and replace key components of the piping that supplies above ground tanks, the loading rack, or larger pipelines. This requires the line to be completely empty or blinded, which is why many customers prefer to address these repairs during scheduled shutdowns, limiting the effects on their day-to-day operations. 

b. Critical Equipment Repairs

Scheduled shutdowns are also used to repair critical equipment and tanks within the facility. Often the facility will need to operate at reduced capacity or shutdown when that asset being repaired is out of service.

Experienced welders work together seamlessly to provide the customer with quality repairs, while minimizing the customer’s operational delays. 

c. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Tanks storing hazardous chemicals and potable water must meet stringent industry standards and government regulations.  Shutdowns can be a useful tool for inspectors and operators to ensure that tanks are maintained in accordance with these requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and ensuring safe operations.

3. Concord Tank Corporation's Expertise in Storage Tank and Terminal Shutdowns

Concord Tank Corporation is a trusted name in the storage tank repairs and maintenance industry. We excel in providing comprehensive terminal maintenance services, including shutdowns. Here's why we stand out:

a. Skilled Welders and Laborers

We have a team of experienced and certified welding technicians. They possess deep knowledge of industry codes and standards, ensuring precise and compliant welds during mechanical turnarounds.

Additionally our crews are cross trained for line drain down, product transfer, and other work that is often required during shutdowns.

b. Scheduling and Logistical Support

Our office project management team works closely with your team to understand all aspects and constraints of the shutdown. We go beyond our scope of work to ensure all aspects of the project are properly covered to complete the repairs within the scheduled shutdown window.

c. Focus on Safety and Quality

Most importantly, we prioritize safety throughout the entire welding process. Our welding technicians adhere to strict safety protocols and employ quality control measures to guarantee the reliability and durability of the welded joints.


Tank and terminal shutdowns are a critical component of storage tank repairs and maintenance, providing comprehensive solutions to address essential repairs, facility re-alignments, and regulatory compliance.

At Concord Tank, with our experience in terminal maintenance services, we can ensure that storage tanks are efficiently repaired, maintained, and optimized for long-term operation.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next tank project.

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