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A worker lifting multiple boxes by using the correct lifting technique.

Mastering Proper Lifting Technique at Work: A Guide to Safety and Health

Lifting and carrying objects is a common task in many workplaces. Whether you're in a warehouse, construction site, or office, knowing how to lift...

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Gold and silver compressed gas cylinders stacked next to each other in an industrial yard

Compressed Cylinder Handling and Storage Guidelines

Compressed gas cylinders are a common sight in various industrial and workplace settings. While these cylinders play a vital role in many processes,...

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Male worker using a rope and harness to scale a large industrial tank provided by Concord Tanks.

The Power of Asking Better Questions for Safety and Accountability

The questions we ask ourselves play a profound role in shaping our perspectives and influencing the world around us. This is particularly true when...

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Concord Tank Corporation: Experts in Tank Repair & Terminal Maintenance

Concord Tank Corporation: Tank Repair & Terminal Maintenance Experts

Do you have a tank in need of API repairs or an upcoming terminal maintenance project, like a turnaround or shutdown, in order to optimize industrial...

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Two experienced traveling welders tied off on top of a geodesic dome

The Critical Importance of Tank Top Safety

Working atop towering 48-foot tall tanks is a challenging and potentially perilous task. Every step you take on the roof demands careful...

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Two experienced traveling welders communicating and working together

The Crucial Role of Clear Communication in Ensuring Jobsite Safety

In the world of construction and industrial work, clear and effective communication is the cornerstone of safety. Whether you're collaborating with...

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